About Us

Greetings!   We are the Xenormyn family. We are not your typical earth family. Primarily because we are not from Earth! We are from the Beldan solar system, on the planet Belda, located over 27,000 light years away from the edge of your solar system.

Thanks to some amazing new technologies discovered by our own scientists we have been able to gain access to your World Wide Werbell. So sorry. That is supposed to be Web. After many discussions our so-called leaders and inhabitants decided it would be a great idea to have one of Belda’s families create what you refer to as a Bug site and tell the people on Earth about ourselves and life here on Belda. What? Sorry again. Our translator creature is having problems exchanging our language for yours. A Blog site we believe it is called.

In the Blog site you will get the opportunistic to meet each of our family members, plus other inhabitants of Belda as well. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our family or Belda. For obvious security reasons certain questions will not be answered. You can contact us through what you earthlings refer to as “snails”. (Again? This is getting to be very wash hogged.) That is supposed to read “email”. (Now that’s just plain silly!)

Since our calendar measures the days differently than yours do we will try our best to update the Blog site at least every frigtz. Or what you call whenever we get the chance.

Speaking of which, since our language and terminology is obviously much different from yours, at times we may have to use words or phrases in the blog that we are unable to translate. Because of this we will list several words and phrases with the rough translation into your earth language called English, or Trvlscenrr. Our translator creatures are working on a Beldan to English translation dictionary at this time. (May the Ancient Ones save us!) If there are any words or phrases that cannot be translated, but you believe you may have knowledge of their definings you are obligated to inform us.

We hope this will help to promote a better understanding between our two worlds. Thank you for visiting us.

We wish all of you many happy sheep droppings!

Oops! I am so very sorry once again. I must apologize to you. Our translator gave me the wrong defining once more. It is supposed to be “We wish all of you many happy days!

Grbx Xenormin

End transmission


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